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A Thing Called Life - Demo - Zoë
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Born in the Eastern Hills of Kentucky, Zoë came into this world singing. Her parents Randy Leunissen and Colleen Short would hear her humming as an infant and often at times she would sing herself to sleep. Her stepfather Jack Short came into her life at age 6 and has always been an encouragement to her. Zoë moved from Greenup County, Kentucky at the age of six with her mother Colleen, and older brother Shelby to Boyd County, Kentucky (Ashland) which has been her home town for many years. When Zoë began middle school, she joined the choir where she excelled at the age of 12 years old. She entered a local “Apollo” competition and won first place in her age division. Afterward, she entered many other talent competitions and performed weekly at various bars & grills.


While in the eighth grade she was asked to perform at the beta club convention in Louisville, Kentucky. When she entered High School, she joined an advanced choir where she learned to sing in German and Spanish. Zoë also sings yearly in her school’s talent show. During the summer of 2018, she signed on with Tabletop Records/White Lion Audio and is now releasing her latest single, "Dangerous" is available on all music platforms.

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