White Lion Audio is currently accepting submissions for all music genres. 

Please complete the form below and upload your best song for consideration. Provide us with a link to your main website or music page and add a video link if you can.  Also, be sure to take a few moments to tell us about yourself and your career goals.


Only one submission is allowed per artist, (so don’t get crazy). 

If we like what we hear then we will contact you for further conversations.


We make a commitment to listen to every single submission that we receive, so please be patient if you do not hear something right away. Please do not inquire about the status of your submission. We will respond to you if we are interested.


No matter what the outcome, continue to follow your dreams and build your brand. Music is very subjective and should be your passion first and your career second. You can accomplish a lot on your own so don’t get discouraged when someone says no.


Thanks and continue to check out our content for tips, pointers, and relevant information to help you reach your music industry goals in our weekly BLOG .


Note: All material provided is considered confidential and is for informational purposes only. No submissions will be copied or shared outside of White Lion Audio.