The power of the MANY...not the ONE!

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OK...Indie Artists listen up...


You can't do everything by yourself. You can't be all things to all people. While you may be capable, talented, focused, and hardworking you are still one single person with a limited amount of time and energy. You are trying to accomplish dreams and aspirations that are, oftentimes, far beyond your singular ability. That is where we come in to help!


White Lion Audio is an independent music services company with a brain.  We also recognize that we can't do everything ourselves, so we are fostering quality relationships with other industry professionals to provide today's artists with the tools for success that they need.


Our company has collaborative agreements with other major distribution engines, management groups, marketing firms, radio networks, and promotional companies so that artists can have the power of an entire team behind their promotional efforts.


We understand that the unifying spirit of our company is unheard of in today's cut-throat entertainment world, but we believe that people helping people is still the best road to success. 

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Our Services Include:

  • Consulting and networking assistance

  • Graphic design and brand development

  • Video editing and production

  • Merchandise development

  • Marketing and promotional material design

  • Sublicensing submission (TV, Video Games, Movies, etc.)

  • Licensed radio submissions

  • Management Assistance

  • Booking Assistance

  • PR Assistance

  • Artist Development

  • Major market distribution for qualified artists (The Orchard, Ingrooves)

  • ...more...

Let's see how we can partner together to help you achieve your career goals!


Contact us today for more information.