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Asteria - Jason Spinner
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Jason is back! Hot on the heels of his first release, "Leto", (which has clocked nearly half a million streams since it's release in April of 2019), Jason Spinner offers a brand new EDM masterpiece titled, "Asteria". Wherein "Leto" was a heavy-hitting, pulse-pounding celebration anthem, "Asteria" is an ethereal journey filled with melodic moments and a soul-calming melody. "Asteria is set for global release 1-1-20 on White Lion Audio and Sony Orchard.


Jason Spinner talented Progressive House and Trance EDM artist from Tampa, FL with a passion for music. His most recent release, "Leto", has been a huge hit among the electronic dance community. The success that the song has seen in such a short amount of time is nothing less than astonishing. The track has quickly become a favorite among trance fans loving the upbeat tempo and progressive sounds.


Jason was born in Los Angeles but grew up in Detroit during the Motor City techno music scene and was exposed to electronic music at a very young age. He gravitated towards one DJ in particular that everyone called "the wizard", aka DJ Jeff Mills.

Mills was the reason Jason began to study electronic music and eventually electronic music production. He was fascinated by the way Mills used 3 turntables at a time, as well as, juggling a mid-1980's drum machine called the Roland TR-909. Never before had he seen a DJ use a device such as this to create techno music at such an incredibly astonishing pace. Jason became immediately hooked on Detroit techno and all forms if electronic music. It became more and more prevalent that this was his passion and would eventually become his career.

Jason began as a DJ at an after-hours club in downtown Detroit, mixing tracks using only vinyl and turntables. He used every chance he could to study and master vinyl before ever moving forward with the use of CDJ'S and eventually DAW'S.

Jason has certainly proven himself to become an extremely gifted producer over the years. His tracks are layered with consistent build-ups and unique melodies with a very polished and professional sound. His creative mixing style as a DJ has gained him national attention for his "live-on-the-fly" remixes, earning him top recognition from Mixcloud as one of the "best up and coming artists of 2018". Jason has been featured in several EDM exclusive publications and is quickly rising to success as a progressive EDM artist.


 In March of 2018, Jason signed with White Lion Audio Record Label who has been a great help pushing him in the right direction. He is planning to release his newest track "Asteria" on January 1st, 2020 which will be distributed globally by Sony Orchard.